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What’s the best dress type for your body shape this summer?

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What’s the best dress type for your body shape this summer?

No matter how body confident you are, summer can be intimidating when it comes to fashion choices. Every woman wants to shed their baggy jumpers and get into pretty summer dresses, but it can be a nightmare trying to work out what style works best for you. Fear not though, a fun summer wardrobe isn’t completely out of reach, pick a few key dresses and accessorise well and they can work for any occasion, from holidays abroad and summer weddings to days spent lounging at the pool. Our handy guide will explain exactly what you should be buying for your body shape, so you save time and money while looking drop dead gorgeous. What have you got to lose, apart from sweaters and pale winter skin?

Athletic body

An athletic body is one that goes straight up and down, without many curves or definition at the waist. However, athletic girls can look great in a lot of dresses, but should avoid anything that is pulled in at the waist, like skater dresses and prom dresses. Athletic bodies can get away with tight dresses like bandage dresses that will elongate them and give them supermodel-like legs. A playsuit will look amazing with your figure as it will highlight your thin frame without going in too much at the waist.

Pear shape

Pear shaped ladies generally have bigger hips and a small waist. If you’re a pear, look your best by avoiding tapered trousers and tight skirts. Go for A-line skirts, flared party dresses that are cut at the waist to show off your best part and maxi dresses if you’re feeling a bit less confident. A push up bra worn under a gown will change your figure to an hourglass, which will look amazing at special events. Playsuits should be avoided as these can make your lower half look bigger.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass figured woman has big hips, a big chest and a tiny waist. This is a beautifully classic shape and you can look good in a lot of styles, but it’s important to avoid clothing that’s too loose, like maxi dresses, as they will hide your defined waist. You can get away with bandage dresses, anything cut at the middle like prom dresses and skater styles. Tight clothing will look amazing and show off your curves. A jumpsuit is a good idea for your figure, especially one pulled in at the waist and cut low to show off your bust.

Apple shape

Apple shaped women tend to be bigger around the middle and have a small chest and skinny legs. It can be difficult finding the perfect dress for this shape as you’ll be concerned about making your waist look even bigger. To avoid this, don’t wear anything tight or gathered around the waist. Look for styles that are cut from just below the bust such as maxi dresses to flow over your curves, or go for a midi dress that will show off your fabulous skinny legs. If you still don’t feel confident, wear shaping underwear or tights to give you a more streamlined and defined figure.

Whatever your body shape or summer wardrobe needs, Becky’s Boutiques will have something that’s perfect for you. We have a massive variety of different styles and sizes, so follow this guide and choose your perfect dress. From party dresses to swimwear, we’ve got something that’ll fit every occasion and in every colour you can imagine. If you never seem to have anything to wear, Becky’s will sort it for you.

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